• 01-Four-loves-2

    Four loves

    In modern English, the word “love” conveys a range of emotions, but the classical Greeks were more precise. They had four words that have all been translated as “love” in English: Storgē roughly fits our English word “affection,” especially the type of affection within families. It can also be used in a “put up with” […]

  • 02-Love-in-the-workplace

    Love in the workplace

    No, I’m not talking about coffee break romances, but rather about whether it’s possible to run a successful business with love. An article in the Harvard Business Review suggests that it is. It uses the analogy of the computer. Love should be the operating system (OS), and the other business strategies—sales, marketing, distribution, etc.—the apps. […]

  • 03-the-art-of-caring

    The art of caring

    My prayer is that in all the busyness of life, in the abundance of urgent needs and priorities, we don’t lose sight of how important love is—both in the big picture and in our daily choices and priorities. Sometimes we forget that all our accomplishments are nothing without love. “If I had the gift of […]

  • 04-Opportunities-for-love

    Opportunities for love

    There’s an important and easily missed form of love that’s manifested in the small matters. For example, helping a person in need, preferring them over ourselves, showing sympathy when someone is stressed or worried, offering a prayer, or being a listening and sympathetic ear. When we choose to take the time to stop and help […]

  • 05-God-s-touches

    God’s touches

    Not long ago, some friends of ours wanted to move to another country to explore new work possibilities and be closer to their family. Though they had countless difficulties throughout their preparations, including a last-minute complication at the airport, with the support of friends and the power of prayer, their move was a success. They […]

  • 06-Loving-myself

    Loving myself

    One of my cherished childhood memories is of my older sister reading my favorite Bible story—the Good Samaritan—to me from a picture Bible. I’ve never forgotten that “my neighbor” is not only the person who lives next door but also anyone whose path crosses mine. Yet it was many years before I began to fully […]