• The quest for success

    We may not all have the same definition of success, but who doesn’t want to be successful? And rightly so. The desire for comfort and security and the yearning for meaning and fulfillment in life are inborn and universal. Why then do so many people seem to settle for less? Why don’t they pursue their […]

  • Stress relief

    Stress relief has become a multifaceted, multi-billion-dollar industry. Armies of experts have emerged, dispensing advice of every sort. Some say the key is better time management—reduce stress by doing a better job of juggling everything we need to do. Others say the key is patience—be ambitious, but focus on less daunting short- and mid-range goals. […]

  • Never ever quit!

    Life is hard sometimes. When you’ve worked as hard as you possibly could and yet you failed to make the grade, your dreams remain out of reach, and you feel you just can’t do it anymore, you can feel like giving up. All of us have probably felt that way at some time or another. […]

  • The path of most persistence

    Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it to glory.—William Barclay (1907–1978) We must persevere in prayer that He may not permit our hearts to faint. Prayer and perseverance are necessary in our daily conflicts. The best remedy to the weariness is diligence in prayer.—John Calvin (1509–1564) All […]

  • Worth forty thousand

    There are two opposite attitudes in life. Some people’s motivational attitude inspires them to work harder and be better. They also have a knack for inspiring others to be the same. Not so the people that I’ll call “de-motivators”: they have the opposite effect. You may end up feeling inept and negative about yourself when […]

  • Working well with others

    Q: I was recently promoted to a managerial position that I’d had my sights on for a long time, but now I’m not sure I’m cut out for this job. It seems that everything I say or do results in a misunderstanding between my fellow managers and me. Any advice? A: Misunderstandings are unpleasant under […]