What is life all about? What am I here for? Is there a purpose, a plan for me? And if so, what is it? Questions such as these have stirred the soul and imagination of humankind throughout the ages. Regardless of our nationality, social status, ethnicity, or creed, people the world over seek the same things—truth, meaning, love, happiness, and peace of mind.

In today’s ever-changing and increasingly complex and fast-paced interconnected world, more and more people find themselves caught up in the frenzied rush to become successful or make ends meet financially. They often have little time to ponder seemingly abstract matters such as the meaning of life or the eternal destiny of their own souls.

But as the years pass, people often find that the pressures of life and trying to meet all their commitments have filled them with stress and anxiety, not peace or satisfaction. This world and all its material goods and fleeting pleasures can never answer the big questions of life. Material things may satisfy temporarily, but they can never satisfy the eternal longing of the soul for truth, purpose, and meaning.

When a personal crisis or tragedy strikes—an unexpected accident or critical illness, a death in the family, a great personal loss of any kind—all the achievements and goods of this world can do little to bring or restore hope. It is during such times that people frequently realize that the true values of life—love, purpose, and eternal destiny—are what ultimately matter.

The Bible tells us that God is a loving Father who loves each human being uniquely and created this beautiful world. As the divine Creator, God is the only one who can give meaning to the universe, purpose to the planets, love to our hearts, peace to our minds, rest to our spirits, and joy to our souls. Through belief in Jesus Christ, we become God’s children. He communes with us, abides in us, and loves us.

We encourage you to learn more about God, His love for humanity, and His plan for your life in this series of Activated magazines. This series will cover core topics foundational to growing your faith, forging a relationship with God, studying His Word in the Bible, and sharing your faith with others. We pray that this Activated Basic Course will be a blessing to you in your faith journey!