Many will be surprised when they enter My heavenly kingdom to see the great importance of the often-hidden, unseen acts of kindness, the giving of one’s time to love and care for others. To love your neighbor as yourself is the second greatest commandment of all (Mark 12:28–31).

Who is your neighbor, if not the person who is near you or who crosses your path each day? You will encounter many people in need on the road of your daily life. Take the time to share hope and to show that you care, as I guide you to those who need a manifestation of My love. For as you have done it to one of the least of these, you have done it to Me (Matthew 25:40).

My love can often best be shown through the kindness of another person. Opportunities will arise in your everyday life where you can reach out with kindness to a person who is in need, to listen and pray for them and offer comfort.

As you pray for My love to flow through you in your everyday life, you will experience the beauty and joy of giving and reflecting My love to others. Learn to truly see the people who cross your path each day and what lies beyond their outward appearance to their heart. Will you allow My love to pour through you to others?