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Fullness of joy

I want you to be filled with My joy, which will be your strength. I want you to rest in My love and …  »

The difference

Picture a forest—lush, deep, inviting. You enter and look around, expecting that rush of wonder that …  »

My gift to you

Love—this is My special gift for you. Love that knows no boundaries. Love that does not judge you by …  »

Strength in joy

You have heard that the joy of the Lord is your strength.[[See Nehemiah 8:10.]] How do you get this …  »

Why don’t you give something?

When I first saw him coming down the street I was tempted to look away. He was ugly, dirty, and clearly asking for money. Maybe if I would just look t …  »

Bible heroines

In ancient Israel, men’s and women’s roles were clearly defined, with the women’s sphere traditionally being the household and everything pertaining t …  »

The ultimate pet rescue service

Pets act as companions, helpers, and sources of comfort in difficult times. When pets die, the resul …  »

The source of strength

The book of Habakkuk is one of the shortest books in the Bible. It begins with the writer’s laments …  »

Hiding the scars

We all go through experiences in life that leave us with scars, and whether the scars are physical o …  »

You don’t need a guru

Not long ago, my social media exploded with the news that a high-profile couple had announced their …  »