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My Father sent Me

As My Father sent Me, so send I you. I send you out into a world of hurt and loss, pain and sufferin …  »

Weathering the storm

Remember the time when I calmed the sea?[[See Mark 4:37–41.]] My disciples were panicking and though …  »

Life-changing forgiveness

Forgiveness is not an emotion, it’s a choice. When you make the decision to forgive, it doesn’t mean …  »

The mountains and the valleys

You have encountered both high mountains and deep valleys throughout your life of faith. You have at …  »

Nilda’s hospitality

About six years ago we moved to a new neighborhood. Since arriving, we’ve tried to be friendly with our neighbors and show kindness. We greet them wit …  »

God in skin

I read once that a good father prepares us for our relationship with our heavenly Father, God. My father may not realize it, but one thing that shaped …  »

Dinner date

After 21 years of marriage, I discovered a new way of keeping the spark of love alive. A little whil …  »

A good start

Clark and Mary were in love. Clark proposed marriage, and Mary accepted. But it wasn’t as simple as …  »

“He expected it of me”

There is a story about two brothers who enlisted in the army during World War I and were assigned to …  »

Love, actually

Every year, at Christmastime, my husband has to endure my private tradition of watching Love, Actual …  »