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The difference

Picture a forest—lush, deep, inviting. You enter and look around, expecting that rush of wonder that …  »

My gift to you

Love—this is My special gift for you. Love that knows no boundaries. Love that does not judge you by …  »

Strength in joy

You have heard that the joy of the Lord is your strength.[[See Nehemiah 8:10.]] How do you get this …  »

Positive perks

When life gets to be too much, when everything around you seems to be falling apart, when you feel t …  »

Life’s editing

I had struggled with and overcome the demons of self-doubt and fear of failure, launched out into the deep, put pen to paper, and written my first sho …  »

The need for love

“In the world of pain there is a need for love, a real, real need for love… Love your brother… a need of love, a need of heart.” These words, translat …  »

Quarantining my soul

I didn’t realize how busy I was until I stopped. I didn’t really think about how important it was fo …  »

Stepping into the new

Have you ever thought of taking up a new sport, learning to play a musical instrument or just steppi …  »

A change from within

To one degree or another, just about all of us are unsatisfied with ourselves—but that’s not necessa …  »

Making resolutions realities

Here are some tips to turning your New Year's resolutions into lasting changes in your life: Make a …  »