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Positive perks

When life gets to be too much, when everything around you seems to be falling apart, when you feel t …  »

Unfailing love

When you are troubled, when you are perplexed or confused, come to Me. Lay your head on My shoulder. …  »

My Father sent Me

As My Father sent Me, so send I you. I send you out into a world of hurt and loss, pain and sufferin …  »

Weathering the storm

Remember the time when I calmed the sea?[[See Mark 4:37–41.]] My disciples were panicking and though …  »

Solving life’s puzzle

For as long as I can remember, I never liked doing puzzles. Viewing thousands of sky-blue, nearly-identical little pieces scattered over a wooden tabl …  »

Growing through failure

It was the end of another long workday. In my first semester as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, each day brought dozens of new challeng …  »

When at the bottom of the barrel

The other morning I read a passage from Acts, where Paul, in his farewell speech to the church of Ep …  »

Stunted growth

When I was a kid, I saw plenty of goldfish in the houses of my friends, and I remember wondering why …  »

Stress busters

Thousands of pages have been written about the subject of stress, so I wonder if there’s really anyt …  »

Master plans and waiting for awesome

In 2007, the Netherlands instituted a two-hundred-year plan for adapting to and preparing for climat …  »