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The mountains and the valleys

You have encountered both high mountains and deep valleys throughout your life of faith. You have at …  »

You can rely on Me

You can find safety and serenity even in the midst of turmoil, when the proverbial winds of fear blo …  »

Through the storm

Remember the account when I calmed the sea?[[See Mark 4:37–41.]] My disciples were panicking and tho …  »

The tapestry

Each event in your life, each thought, each decision, each bit of love, and each interaction with so …  »

We don’t run alone

We often hear our life of faith compared to running a race or being on a journey. Countless songs, books, and sermons are based on those concepts. As …  »

Someone is watching

While rushing to an appointment, I passed a scruffy beggar with a baby in her arms. It’s a common sight in Caracas, Venezuela, where this took place. …  »

The New York cabby miracle

It had been a rough few months in the spring of 1972. I desperately wanted a baby, a little one to h …  »

Turning the page

One fact of life that can be difficult to accept is that in order for us to fully embrace the future …  »

The recycling business

I was amazed when I saw the colorful, intricate constructions on a YouTube video. Tiny houses, barel …  »

An ecological grain of sand

When it comes to the environment and climate change, it’s easy to mentally block out the topic entir …  »