Greater ends

In The Horse and His Boy, one of the seven novels in C. S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia series, a boy named Shasta dreams of traveling to the unknown north, which tur …  »

Looking for inspiration

Inspiration infuses you with renewed zest for life. It influences, moves, or guides you to action. But we all have times when we hit the inspiration skids; when we not on …  »

Goodbye past, hello future

Our future isn’t limited by our past. No matter what point we’re at now, the future is still as bright as God’s promises. If you’re not where you want to be, there’s time …  »

Manger beginnings

There are many things we can celebrate at Christmas, the most essential being the gift of our relationship with God through His Son, Jesus. To paraphrase a beautiful prom …  »

Appreciating aging

Since turning 70, I’ve been thinking more about the benefits of aging. Even though many of us who are getting older have already felt some of the disadvantages or difficu …  »

Health and fitness

Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit,[[See 1 Corinthians 3:16–17.]] and God has commissioned us to care for them well and faithfully. Jesus paid the ultimate pric …  »

God’s love for humankind

God’s unconditional love has no bounds, is unchanging and without limitations. It is given freely, no matter what. Each of us has sinned, and sin brings separation from G …  »

Knights and mirrors

One of the movies I watched the most often when growing up was Man of La Mancha. [[Dale Wasserman, Produzioni Europee Associates, 1972]] It seemed that every couple of mo …  »

Christian character

A key factor in becoming like Jesus is developing godly character. This article will focus on character traits that Scripture identifies as those that Christians should e …  »

Optimizing prayer

There are many instances when we pray for people and they are healed immediately or within a short time. But we also experience situations where we pray for some very ser …  »

Making godly decisions

One of the traits of humankind, as beings created in the image of God, is free will, which includes both the ability to make decisions and the responsibility for the outc …  »