You can change your life, because I can change anybody who comes to Me, seeking to fulfill My will for their life. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been like or how long you’ve been a certain way.  If I made the world and everything in it, don’t you see that it’s a small thing for Me to transform a single life into something better to fulfill My purpose and plan?

It all begins with a spark of faith. I can speak to your heart and put that spark there—a spark of faith that tells you that I can and want to help you. But for Me to continue to work in your life and bring the desired change to fruition, you must have a believing and yielded heart. Come to Me, read My Word, and be willing to do the things I ask of you. Then I will be able to help you change as you desire. Even then, it won’t happen overnight. Certain aspects of this change can happen in an instant, the moment you believe and ask Me and yield. Others will take time. But as you continue to look to Me and do your part, you will see change. That I can promise!

If you can believe, allthings are possible with Me. 1

  1. See Matthew 19:26; Mark 9:23.