You need Me. You need what I have to give you. You need My strength, My love, My supply, My protection. I have all this for you and more. I am your life source, and because I am, your life can be wonderful, beautiful, rich, and filled with what I know will prove most important in the long run.

I will never leave you alone or comfortless. I will never leave you without guidance and direction. I will never leave you without grace and strength to fight life’s battles. I will never leave you without rest and renewal after those battles. I will always provide your needs. You don’t need to fear or be anxious because I, the One who loves you like no other can, have special plans for you.

Follow the path on which I set your feet. It is a path that leads to the best life that you could possibly have. There is no greater security than is found when you invite Me to go with you day by day and involve Me choice by choice. Together, we can make more of your future than you ever could on your own. Watch as I unfold the mysterious and beautiful canvas of your life.