It all started when my brother called me early in the morning to tell me that my mother had been rushed to the hospital in a sudden emergency. Later, he called to tell me that my mother had passed away. After learning about this, I was crying and shocked!

Then I began to pray, and I received the most wonderful vision. I saw my mother smiling with the most beautiful and heavenly smile. She was so full of joy! It was like she was telling me, “Don’t worry. I am in heaven now, and I’m happy to meet my sons who are here.” After seeing this vision of my mother in heaven, exuding joy, I was at peace and didn’t cry anymore.

Her memorial service resulted in an extraordinary testimony. We were able to reconnect with several family members and friends that we had not seen for a long time. I was able to speak and share some thoughts about my mother. I told those present at the service about heaven and eternal life, emphasizing how Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, and how we will also be resurrected when He comes again, and explaining that the dead in Christ will be raised first.

I also spoke about the reality of the afterlife as presented in the Bible and in many experiences and books on the subject. At the end I invited everyone to pray to receive Jesus, and about 50 people accepted Jesus in their hearts.

But the story does not end there. After the service and my talk, a lady from another chapel where another person’s wake was being held approached me and asked me if I could come to speak and pray at her sister’s memorial service, as they didn’t have anyone there to do that.

I agreed, and my wife Lorena and I went into the other chapel. I proceeded to also give a talk there about heaven and pray for the family of the deceased, and about 40 people accepted Jesus in their hearts. They were so grateful that we came to pray for them. At the end they hugged each other. They were crying as they were very moved after the prayer. They also thanked me profusely.

All in all, my mom’s departure to heaven resulted in a great testimony for my relatives, friends, and these other dear people who were unknown to me, but not to the Lord, who wanted us to reach them with His love.