When you are troubled, when you are perplexed or confused, come to Me. Lay your head on My shoulder. Find your comfort in My eternal promises. Listen to the words that I will speak to your heart and mind. Find your strength and peace in Me.

Don’t be afraid to trust Me with your whole heart and with your life and future. Know that I do all things well. Put your hand in Mine, and I will lead you down a pleasant path with abundant blessings. I will lead you through every challenge you face in life, and bring you to places of peace, overcoming, and victory.

Learn to love others with the same kind of love that has brought you through many tight places—the love that has given you strength to go on, to forgive, and to keep on showing My loving kindness to others. This unconditional love will cast a veil over your and others’ faults and will shine a light on the path before you.1

  1. See James 5:20.