Each event in your life, each thought, each decision, each bit of love, and each interaction with someone else is like a thread in a tapestry. Day after day, dark threads and bright threads are woven together, often, it seems, without rhyme or reason, but in the end they form a picture. When I look at the tapestry of your life, I see a beautiful work!

All the good things you have experienced throughout your life—the happiness and fulfillment, the love you gave and received, the lives that were better because of you—are bright threads.

The dark threads are the difficulties and disappointments, the trials and the tears. These are also necessary because they make the bright threads look all the brighter and help give your tapestry its rich, warm glow. There is a plan and a purpose—My plan—and that is to create something glorious with your life: a tapestry with deep colors, intricate detail, and beauty.