I see your struggles and hear your calls for help. When you feel all alone, I am with you. I feel your heartaches, and wait for you to draw near to Me in prayer. Come into My sanctuary, into that secret place that you and I can share. There you can find a reprieve from the worries, the cares, and the confusion. There I can restore your feeling of purpose and infuse you with strength to go on.

Life can be a struggle, but you do not have to struggle alone. Many times you faced burdens in your life that seemed like mountains. They weighed your spirit down and you wondered why I allowed them there. I allowed these things not to reprove you or as some sort of punishment, but to bring you closer to Me. I know you better than anyone else ever could, and love you more dearly.

The problems and obstacles in your life can be taken two ways: they can make you either bitter or better. When you find the peace that only I can give, I can then use you as an instrument of My love to comfort others.

Many things in life can seem unfair or even unloving, but when you look at them through My promise to work all things together for your good, that gives a whole new meaning to the difficult things you face. That promise holds the key to easing heartache, relieving anxiety, and conquering fear.