I want you to live a meaningful life—one that both you and I will be proud of. You are the one who is ultimately responsible for your life, the one who must make the right choices that will lead you to the right places, but you can commit your ways to Me and ask Me to direct your paths. Then, through the decisions that you and I make together, you can be confident that your life is following a good path.

Sometimes the process of finding My will may be a little tricky. You may have to wait and exercise patience. Circumstances change. People change. You change. However, keep reminding yourself that I want you to find My will, and your patience and faith will be rewarded.

I created you. I have been with you from the beginning of your life and will be with you until the end. It will always be between you and Me. Nothing and no one can replace My role in your life. As you seek Me with all your heart, you will find Me and My answers. 1

  1. See Jeremiah 29:13.