It seemed like an eternity since we had last prayed together in our home, but the Lord had a plan for renewing our relationship with Him. I was surprised at how uncomplicated turning back to Him was. I made a personal decision, knowing it would require a willing sacrifice, but when the Lord renewed my heart, the sacrifice seemed easy. His love poured into my life, and He gave me a new heart. This, in turn, affected my whole family.

Some of our friends could not understand the change in us. One family in particular had a girl who was my daughter’s good friend. I had been uncertain about how to explain to the parents about this new direction in our lives and I wondered what their response would be. Then my daughter was invited for a sleepover at their house, and I was happy to let her stay the night with them.

She had a wonderful time and came home happy and inspired. I asked her if she had said anything about Jesus while she was with them and she replied, “Of course!”

Some weeks later I heard the story of what happened while she was there. Their family had sat down for a meal together and my daughter had said, “Is it okay if we all join hands and thank Jesus for the food?” Puzzled, the parents willingly agreed and listened to her childlike prayer.

Little did my daughter realize that those few simple words would strike a chord in her friend’s mom. She told me that after my daughter prayed, she could hardly make it through the meal. Afterwards, she went to her bedroom and cried. She remembered times of family prayer in her life. She remembered times of sweet fellowship with other Christians and realized how far she had distanced herself and her family from the Lord. She fell to her knees and asked for the Lord’s forgiveness and began a journey of renewal, a journey that, with time, profoundly influenced her children.

I have thought a lot about this series of events since then. First the journey of renewal that my family experienced, and then the simple act of my daughter asking if it was okay to pray before a meal. I saw a chain reaction that changed lives. It makes me wonder what small steps the Lord will ask of me today. I might not even realize the impact I could have on others’ lives by just asking a simple question, “Is it okay if I say a prayer with you?”