I believe in resurrection. I believe in butterflies bursting out of the death grip of cocoons. I believe in seeds from dying flowers falling into the ground to be reborn and to surround us once again with beauty. I believe the darkest night leads us back into the sunshine, and seasons turn from winter’s sleep to spring’s awakening. All of nature teaches us a lesson of hope.

I went out for a walk early this morning after a storm. The skies were still dark. I only went because the meteorologist confirmed that the storm was over. I left the house amidst gray skies and mist falling from branches as I walked below them.

I walked a mile, and as I looked around, I felt the wind become stronger. I thought maybe the weather prediction had been wrong. Maybe the storm would come again. But then I looked up and saw a tiny touch of sun. That made me happy, and as I continued on my way, I prayed for all the loved ones I wouldn’t be able to see this holiday. Then I felt warmth and I looked up to see a cloudless sky. It was perfectly clear, and it happened so suddenly. I looked around to see where the clouds had gone, but they were nowhere in sight. The sun had worked a little miracle for me. I was so thankful I had walked by faith and not by sight, and as a result, I had the blessing of seeing this gorgeous day emerge after the storm.

It is precious to observe the clean-swept world after a storm. The air is purer. The sky is more brilliant. People are kinder and a touch gentler to others. It is beautiful to see the sun shining after the rain. It can bring a feeling of gratitude as we are reminded that the Lord cares for us and shelters us through the storm.

This morning I could have chosen to hide away at home and mourn the day alone. But I decided to venture out, and the Lord gave me a special blessing. God shows His power, beauty, and mercy through His creation, and we can learn so much from it. Unfortunately, however, we often get so busy with the many cares and demands of everyday life that we don’t take the time to stop, hear the birds, watch the clouds, and be reminded that God protects His creatures great and small.

May He bless you today and may you take a moment to feel the miracle of hope!