Love for others is a part of My divine nature, and when you receive Me, it becomes a part of yours too. Even though it is freely yours, you are still responsible to put it into practice and apply it. How? One step at a time, with one loving deed, followed by another, followed by another.

You can show My love to others in many ways—through forgiveness, mercy, kindness, thoughtfulness, concern, understanding, words of love, words of encouragement, words of praise, taking time to talk, taking time to listen, sympathizing, sharing the load, and giving of yourself even when it’s least expected or least deserved.

Every time you are concerned for others and translate that concern into loving action, you become a little more like Me. Every time you share My love, love will come back to you. As you give more love, I will more than match you; I will pour My love into you in greater measure so that you have more to enjoy and more to share. “Give, and it will be given to you.”1 That’s My plan for giving—the more you give, the more you will receive. —Jesus