Faith is believing, faith is hoping, faith is trusting. Faith walks on the water to follow Me and refuses to look at the waves.[See Matthew 14:22–33.] Faith refuses to call anything impossible. Faith refuses to quit or to be defeated. Faith refuses to allow its joy and peace to be stolen by circumstances or difficulties.

I give you My gift of faith. With it, you will be able to rise above the waves, above circumstances. You will be able to stand on the solid foundation of My Word, in faith, knowing that I am beneath you, and that with Me beside you and around you and underneath you, you cannot fail, you cannot fall.

This faith doesn’t come from within yourself. For you know that you are weak, and you know your faults, and you know how easy it is for you to become negative and discouraged and lose faith and hope that you can achieve and succeed. While this focus on your own lacks may be realistic, and these disparaging thoughts may seem reasonable, they are not coming from Me. They cause you to become downhearted and downcast, and that’s not what I want or what is going to help you move forward. They cause you to lose your joy, the joy of your salvation that I wish to have flowing and running through you all the time. And it can—if you hold on to your faith.