Picture a forest—lush, deep, inviting. You enter and look around, expecting that rush of wonder that you’ve experienced before in nature, but this time the birds are not singing, there is no breeze to rustle the leaves, and the stream is not flowing. Everything is still, frozen in time, lifeless. You are in the forest, but it might as well be a picture hanging on the wall.

Now imagine the same scene, except this time everything you expect is there—the cheerful singing of birds, the babbling of the brook, the rustling of the leaves, the breeze in your hair, the scent of a forest after rain, the cool, lingering mist, the mossy path beneath your feet.

The contrast between these two forests is like the difference between knowing of Me and actually knowing Me; it’s the difference between merely having heard or read about Me and having a direct, personal relationship with Me. One is static; the other is vibrant and brimming with excitement, life and love. One is empty; the other fills your senses. One may help you be a better person; the other makes you complete.

My love is just waiting for you. Won’t you step in and experience all that I have in store for you? I’m only a prayer away. Just open your heart, and I’ll be there.