For my son’s twelfth birthday, he wanted to explore underground caverns near our home. I was less enthusiastic, but despite my efforts to come up with alternatives, he couldn’t be dissuaded, so on a blistering hot day, my sister-in-law and I set out with our three children. Walking into the mouth of a huge cave, my heart was pounding, but soon I was pleasantly surprised to see the gently sloping walkways, clean and well lit. As we descended further, it felt as if the air conditioning had been turned on.

As we read the signs and studied the rock and crystal formations, we began to appreciate rocks in an entirely new light. What might have seemed inscrutable in the darkness, glistened beautifully in the colored spotlights. We spent hours underground and returned to ground level with a new appreciation of the wonders of God’s creation and the breathtaking beauty of hidden things.

I was at a point in my life when I felt like I was lost in some caverns spiritually. My world had flip-flopped and I felt distant from all I had ever known. I also felt quite isolated and purposeless. But a few hours in the caverns helped me to have a new perspective.

One thing I was reminded of is that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. 1 Even in a place that might seem terrifying, His light is there to guide each step and keep me from falling. Not only does His light protect me, but it helps me to see the beauty that is around. My life is filled with light as long as I am in His presence.

Sometimes God’s path leads to a place in the shadows. It takes time for our eyes to adjust to the changes and see things as they are. But even in the darkness there is growth and beauty and order. Like my son exploring the caverns that day, I realized that I needed to have a sense of fun and adventure.

It also made me appreciate those who had gone before. Someone had gone down into the darkness and had worked to make it a safe place, placing lights and signs. I realized that I needed to spend more time reading devotional material from those who understood the situation I found myself in. They can help teach me some deeper lessons of faith and encourage me to continue to trust God’s loving hand and direction in my life.

  1. See 1 John 1:5.