A calendar is often used to help remind you of special events or important appointments, and can even be used as a basic master plan of happenings in your life. There exists a special calendar for you alone, and I’m helping you to fill in the days with plans that are pleasing to Me. As you trust and follow Me, you will see the manifestation of the secret desires of your heart. The calendar of your life is full of unique, memorable, and life-changing events.

I know that you sometimes wonder about some of the events that I have allowed in your life, or that I have allowed in the lives of others around you. My child, I do have a reason for all that I allow, although there will be many things that you can only understand in part in this life and must commit to Me.

So if your current month seems gray and bleak, were I to skip ahead to the future and show you what good can come to you from such difficulties, you would clearly see that these seemingly dark days lead up to bright, warm, sunny days, and that what you will gain through it all will be priceless.

So don’t be afraid of letting Me help you fill in the calendar of your life. The best things happen to those who trust Me completely and who happily flow with Me.