Some people think that everyone has a place in life, and we all just need to find our place and “fill” it. Others believe that we are all free to make our own way, follow our own truth, and decide of our own accord what and who to be.

In the end, regardless of which path they choose, many people end up desperately searching for their little niche at home, at work, or in their group of friends or community, and wedging themselves tightly in, so pleased to have found it, and hoping to settle in for life.

In our scramble for individuality, destiny, or impact, we can relegate ourselves to human Tetris blocks, turning frantically till we find a place we feel fits us just right. And too often, we can lose our purpose and passion in the process and replace it with “perfect” placement. Just like those blocks, who we are disappears.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Yes, we each do have a purpose, but it’s not to cram ourselves into normalcy, nor to be “just like” some great mentor, nor to endlessly search for ways to leave our mark. Rather, we find both purpose and place in realizing that we are loved, redeemed, chosen children of God, and that He made each of us unique for a reason.

Perhaps your place in life is one that no one’s ever thought of yet—because it’s made just for you. Or maybe, like me, you find yourself in a cycle of work and home, doing your best to care for your loved ones and reach out to others, yet not always feeling like you’re accomplishing anything extraordinary. That’s okay too. This world needs men and women who stand out in everyday life—not because we’re amazing, but because we have a God who is. He could have made us perfect, but He didn’t; He made us just the way we are.1 We can each fill multiple roles and find joy in sharing those roles with others.

God’s help, advice, and guidance is available to all. Even better, He wants to help you! Just ask Him:

Jesus, I want to know You and have You by my side always. Please come into my heart and forgive me for the wrongs I’ve done. Please give me wisdom to make good decisions. Fill me with the Holy Spirit and help me get to know You better and draw closer to You through reading the Bible. Amen. 

  1. See Philippians 2:13.