Many adults have looked at a child blissfully enjoying playtime, and have, for a moment, wished they were children again. They look so peaceful, so happy, with hardly a care in the world. Children laugh easily, they enjoy what they do, and they get excited about the simplest things. They generally have minor, temporary worries that rarely last more than a few minutes or an hour. They likely spend so much more time than you do just being happy and engaged.

Why do kids appear to be so much more at peace? Obviously, they have a whole lot less work to do, but that’s not the root of the reason. What gives them so much peace of mind and heart is not so much the absence of work as it is the almost complete absence of fear of the future.

Take a nice, deep breath. Take another one. Now take a few minutes and think happy thoughts. Forget your troubles. Forget your day. Appreciate the good things in life. Feels good, doesn’t it? Or if it doesn’t feel good yet, it will, as you make it a habit to enjoy the simple things in life.

I want you to enjoy life all throughout. I want to bless you with happy moments and happy memories that will sustain you through the tough times. I want you to spend time laughing with others and loving them. I want you to love, to live—to enjoy something every single day.