Remember what was said about the woman in the Bible, “She did what she could.”1 Likewise, just do what you can, and then leave the rest to Me and to others. Simply be faithful with what you can do each day.

Do what you can, but remember that without Me, you can do nothing. To do your utmost, you must take time with Me in My Word, in prayer and fellowship. For I wish to give you greater peace, greater faith and greater love.

Your strength comes from Me, and without Me you will be like a lamp burning without oil and your wick will turn black. Your strength will be sapped, and you won’t have peace. You won’t have enough love. As you bring the weight of your burdens and problems to Me, they can be lightened with My strength, My Spirit, and My love.

So be faithful to make time for Me each day. I can renew your relationship with those you live with, those you work with, and those you minister to. Lift up your heart and your hands to Me, and let Me carry the weight! Put Me first in your life and I will strengthen, renew, reinvigorate, and lift you up.

  1. Mark 14:8 NIV