I can’t promise to spare you from the storms of life, but I can promise to be with you through them. My help may not always come in the form you expect, but it will always come. I will never leave or forsake you.1 I will never leave you to struggle on your own.

When you ask for My help, I will answer your prayer. When you are worried or fearful, I will give you faith to trust Me, peace of mind, and courage to carry on. When you are weak and weary, lean on Me and I will give you strength. When your heart is broken, I will mend it.

I can’t keep you from all hardships and sorrows, but I can give you the strength to bear the troubles of life and bring about good from every circumstance you face. I can help your spirit rise above the storms of life to My heavenly kingdom where the sun is always shining.

I am your sunshine on a rainy day, and the rainbow after the storm. I am the bright ray of hope that puts the sparkle back in your eyes.

  1. See Hebrews 13:5.