As you take time to be filled with Me, I always replenish your resources. The more you give Me of yourself, the more I can give you of Myself—My love, My power, My anointing, My gifts, My insight, My wisdom, My blessings, My strength, My provision, My protection, My creativity, My intelligence, My contentment, My joy, My peace.

All these things are part of My goodness. All are yours for the taking and can become a bigger part of your life, day by day. As you get to know Me better and learn to receive from Me more clearly and directly, you can have more and more of these wonderful gifts and treasures. They grow and multiply within your own heart, and spread into the lives of others whom your life touches.

Never think that you are just one among many, a speck in the world, and that what you do doesn’t have an effect on others or on society around you. It does. You can make the world a better place, in your own special way, through the things you say and do. You can work with Me to bring more of My nature, love, and goodness into the world. When you are being led by Me and working in the power of My Spirit, the things you do help to accomplish My perfect plan in the lives of all involved.