I’ve kept a journal of some kind since my preteen years. At the beginning of this year, I decided that I would not only record things of obvious significance when they occurred, but I would write at least a line or two every single day, whether or not anything apparently noteworthy took place. I’m happy to say I’m well on track to finish strong.

Something interesting about this type of journal is that in reviewing the year so far, as I did recently, I am reminded not only of “key” happenings, but my memory is jogged about “everyday” incidents and moments which in some cases turned out to be significant.

Without further ado, here are a few of my journal entries about moments this year—focusing mostly on the everyday type.

Moment #1

One of the two toilets in the house has been broken for several days, and this evening the plumber finally came by. But he made a mistake reconnecting the pipes, and now my shower doesn’t have hot water! He’s coming back tomorrow to turn it back on. It is annoying, but it also makes me aware of how smoothly my life regularly runs, and I feel grateful for things I usually take for granted—flushing toilets and running hot water.

Moment #2

My doctor had recommended I have an early mammogram because of (non-painful) cysts. Just to make sure. So I did. I hadn’t expected to be so worried in that in-between time until I got the clean bill of health. I feel like I breathe so much freer now.

Moment #3

Spent the day with a friend from way back whom I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. It’s wonderful how, having been apart so long, we were on the same page again within a few minutes.

Moment #4

Had a lovely run on the beach. Perfect weather. Time to think, to be grateful, to commune with my own heart and with God. At one point, I was listening to the hymn “How Great Thou Art” while running right through a flock of seagulls filling the space above and all around me. Literally. Awesome.

Moment #5

Found out that my aunt has colon cancer. She’s a nurse, a nonsmoker, a vegetarian, and only in her 50s. It really can happen to anyone, anytime. Makes me realize how precious life and family are.