Let’s make history

Have you ever wished you could do something that would change the world? But did you ever feel that your obscure, little life would leave no mark? You have no idea how wr …  »

We don’t run alone

We often hear our life of faith compared to running a race or being on a journey. Countless songs, books, and sermons are based on those concepts. As a runner, I find ins …  »

The superhero within

Have you ever experienced some particular problem or pain that surprised you by how debilitating it was? Perhaps it was a sore toe or an earache that outwardly seemed sma …  »

The unselfish life

Unselfishness isn’t just about giving money. Sometimes it’s easier to give money than to give of ourselves. To give our time, attention, sympathy, understanding, and pray …  »

Someone is watching

While rushing to an appointment, I passed a scruffy beggar with a baby in her arms. It’s a common sight in Caracas, Venezuela, where this took place. Give her something. …  »

The New York cabby miracle

It had been a rough few months in the spring of 1972. I desperately wanted a baby, a little one to hold in my arms, to call my own. Twice I had miscarried, and I held the …  »

Turning the page

One fact of life that can be difficult to accept is that in order for us to fully embrace the future, we must leave behind not only the distant past, but even the recent …  »

The recycling business

I was amazed when I saw the colorful, intricate constructions on a YouTube video. Tiny houses, barely bigger than a doghouse, with doors, round little windows, and slante …  »

An ecological grain of sand

When it comes to the environment and climate change, it’s easy to mentally block out the topic entirely and decide that there’s nothing we can do about it—or foist the re …  »

The Peacemaker

When Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount,[[See Matthew 5–7.]] one of the most quoted orations of all time, He said, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” So what is a peacema …  »

The man in the grey suit

John sighed as he pushed his cart forward in the queue and glanced at his phone’s clock for the third time. 40 minutes already! How long can this take? A technical issue …  »