Getting an early start

I recently took my teenage son to an ecotourism project in the big Complexo do Alemão group of favelas [slums] in northern Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There are cable gondola …  »

The power of happiness

In the course of our lives as followers of Jesus, there are always ways to minister to others, either occasionally or regularly. The common denominator in each such activ …  »

Worth it!

We recently organized our first puppet show for children visiting their fathers in the toughest men’s penitentiary in Mexico City, the prison for inmates who have lost al …  »

Hymn in the gym

This morning I dragged myself out of bed. The sun isn’t even fully up, so why should I be? As I mulled over that pithy logic, I dressed, grabbed my bag, and trudged out t …  »

A legacy

He was once quite tall and carried an air of confidence and authority wherever he went. When he was young, he dedicated every spare moment, including his holidays, to Chr …  »

The common denominator

I wish you could meet three people who each made a big impression on me this past year. The first was a waiter’s assistant who cleared my table from his wheelchair with s …  »

A joyful work environment

On a recent day off, I spent the better part of the day at the zoo. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a zoo. Animals are fascinating and a lot of fun to observe, a …  »

Secrets to success with people

The Bible is a rich storehouse of spiritual and practical advice, and examples of strong relationships are one of the recurrent themes. In fact, Martin Luther commented t …  »