Life is hard, there’s no question about it. But there is someone you can talk with when decisions seem too hard to make. There is someone you can run to when your heart is breaking and you need a friend to just sit beside you and hold your hand. There is someone who will be there for you in the good times as well as the bad. Not only that, there is someone who has promised to take all the bad things that happen to you and eventually bring good from them.

This is the One who the Bible describes as “a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief”1—someone who suffered the greatest of all suffering and who understands your worst emotional and physical pain. He is everything that you could ever want in a friend, a counselor, a guide, and a teacher. He is Jesus, the Son of God.

God’s love is unending, it’s without limits. It’s higher than the highest mountain, deeper than the deepest sea. It’s everywhere, and it’s always, and there’s nothing like it anywhere! It’s all-encompassing, awesome, and magnificent! It’s far too big for us to fully comprehend.

Jesus is with you all the time, and when you open your heart to Him, you can hear Him speak to you. He wants to be your best friend and to carry on a conversation with you. He is everything good and beautiful, and He can help you to find that goodness and beauty.

If you open your heart to Him and make Him an important part of your life, He will answer you, He will speak to you, He will help you navigate this life. You can find the peace and faith and strength that comes as you trust in Jesus as your best friend.

No matter how difficult things are, you can know that He is right there to help you cope. God doesn’t always take the bad things away, but He can make it easier for you and help you through each difficulty you face.

After you’ve walked with Him through this life, you will be able to keep walking with Him right into the next life in heaven! You will enter the most beautiful place where you will live forever in joy and peace. Love and justice will reign, and you will never be hurt or cheated or oppressed or taken advantage of again. You will never know pain or poverty again.

May you know His all-encompassing love. May you understand how important you are to Him. May you have faith that He is always beside you, and may you have His supernatural joy, no matter what your circumstances.

  1. Isaiah 53:3 KJV