A few years ago my life changed, and not in a small way. There were so many changes at once. It was quite overwhelming and rather discouraging at times.

First, I had to move back to my home country, Ukraine, after having lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina for six years doing missionary and volunteer work. My two sons, who had always been with me, had grown into wonderful young men and moved on to pursue their goals. I needed to find a place to stay, a job, things to do, and motivation to go on.

I speak English and I like to organize events and activities for teens and students. So I applied for a position as a team leader at an English summer camp run by a private school. To my surprise, I was hired not just for the summer camp, but on a permanent basis.

One day, while checking out the library’s English section, I was complimenting the woman who worked there on the variety of books, materials, and paraphernalia available. We got to talking more, and before I knew it, we were organizing an English club together. Very quickly, this English club became a highlight of my week. Every week I got to meet with a group of young people from various countries and continents who wanted to do things, go places, help others, and make a difference.

I recently met up with a few people who attended the English club. We were casually chatting and drinking tea when one of the girls said: “I never told anybody before, but when I first came to your club I didn’t believe in anything or anybody. I was a mess and didn’t have any hope. After a year of what I thought were simple gatherings once a week, I understood that they had changed my outlook on life and my attitude toward people. I now want to do something worthwhile with my life.” With tears in her eyes, she added, “Please keep doing what you do.”

Through this, I see God’s domino effect at play. We don’t know the future, when things will change, where life’s turns will take us. But we can trust in our Maker, that each change will be a necessary part toward the making of the bright, meaningful, unique picture that is our life.