I recently reflected on how my perspective on miracles has evolved throughout my life. Although I’ve had faith in Jesus since childhood, I often compared myself with those who’d witnessed healings and other dramatic miracles—thinking I’d missed out. I then came across an eye-opening definition of the word miracle: “An event that is contrary to the established laws of nature and attributed to a supernatural cause.” This caused me to reflect further on my past, and I realized that I’ve lived through several events that perfectly fit this definition. Starting with the very beginning.

I was born two months premature, weighing only three pounds at birth—added to which, it was in the middle of a typhoon. Because the power kept failing at the hospital, I was moved to the intensive care unit—the only area with working electricity. My parents were told that I’d most likely not survive the night. But when my dad prayed, he recalled the saying, “Little is much if God is in it.” Although I was very “little” and had to stay in the incubator for a month—and was given too much oxygen, which is apparently what caused my blindness—I pulled through and am still alive and well today.

This event may never have appeared in the media and may not have been as attention-drawing as amazing healings. Nevertheless, it’s a manifestation of the love, care, and omnipotence of a truly awesome God.

God certainly can work truly remarkable miracles that leave us speechless and amazed. Both the Bible and Christian history are full of such amazing stories. But I have come to learn that when we recognize and acknowledge the seemingly small—albeit obvious—ways God manifests Himself to us, He will often increase the visible expressions of His power so that He can be glorified even more.

Do you find yourself struggling to see God’s hand in your life? Take a walk down memory lane, and let Him remind you of how He’s never left you nor forsaken you. This will encourage your faith to believe that He does not intend to leave you nor forsake you today.