Each passing year opens the door for the new, for the things that are to come. Every year brings with it new gifts and treasures, things that you won’t be able to hold in your hands or gain unless you exit through one door and step into the next one.

You could illustrate the coming year by a complex, yet intriguing, board game. You begin the game at a specific spot, and the goal is to make it to the end. Like in most good games, it’s not just about making it from square 1 to square 100—it’s the adventures, the mishaps, and the prizes you win throughout the game that matter! You have to work your way through the game, deal with the good and the bad things that come up, and persevere to the end.

There are little secrets and tricks to this game that can help you get the most out of it—in this case, spiritual wealth and growth. In this new year’s game, as you make your way across the board, there will be things to gain and pick up along the way, to add to your “wealth,” which will give you better standing and an ability to withstand the obstacles you may encounter.

While you may enter this new year not completely sure of what it will bring and what you’ll need to see you through it, strive to move along at the pace I set for you. There’s so much ahead, but the path may only open up to you one roll at a time. So you’ve got to take it as it comes, gain the most you can out of each turn, and remember to stay close to Me.