Today, while visiting a small town, I learned yet again that when God says “Jump,” I should ask, “How high?” He always knows best.

I walked past a shipping depot and almost bumped into a man struggling to load a large tire into his 4×4 truck. I chuckled and said, “Looks like you’re getting tired!” (Yes, I have a propensity for joking with puns, forgive me.) He laughed back, and I continued walking.

Not more than a few meters farther along the street, I heard a voice clearly in my heart saying, “Go back and help him!” I suddenly felt ashamed for doing nothing more than making a joke, without even thinking to help. So, I turned around, went back to him, and my help was gratefully accepted.

As we loaded the tires, we got to talking, and I found out that Koos was from the city I live in and moved away just a few years ago. I told him that I’m a Christian, and a missionary to boot. He said, “That’s awesome! Well, you know, by helping me you showed what you believe.”

Just like that. Wow. How thankful I was to have listened when God spoke, thereby seizing an opportunity to provide a living example of my faith.1

We talked for quite some time, and before parting we exchanged contact details, and I said a prayer for him. After the prayer he said, “I wish you were staying closer to here, but let’s stay in touch and hopefully meet up again!”

It reminded me of the saying: “Show me what you do, and I’ll tell you what you believe.” May each of us show by our actions, just like the first disciples, that we have been with Jesus.2

  1. James 3:13.
  2. See Acts 4:13.