At any point in time, there’s always someone looking to revitalize their life or turn over a new leaf. If that’s you right now, here’s a simple plan that I found to be incredibly helpful and easy to do. This idea entirely changed my outlook toward each day, month, and year: Try something new every day. Cook something you can’t pronounce, try to write a poem if you never have before, learn a new song, say “I love you” to your spouse in a different language, change how you spend time with God, pray in a new way, talk to someone at work you’ve never approached before, etc. There will always be new things to add to the list, and that is one of the things that is so amazing about the whole endeavour.

Trying something new every day not only helps to keep you out of ruts and going through the motions, but also helps to give you a new and excited spirit. It will keep your mind positive and have you looking for new opportunities, seizing unexpected or unusual chances when you’re blessed with them.

I even have a small poster by my bed with those five words, Try something new every day. This helps keep my plan in the forefront of my mind. What new thing am I going to do today? is an inspiring thought to wake up to, and reflecting on the answer to that question as you go to sleep is a rewarding way to end the day.

And besides personal satisfaction and empowerment, having a fresh and new outlook on each day makes us better able to reflect God’s nature. Jesus likened the Holy Spirit to living water—moving, flowing water that never runs dry. If we try something new every day, we won’t be dry or dull as we bring people to the most vibrant, radical, and beautiful Man of all time.