When you’re feeling burned out and overwhelmed, even the thought of your work or the problems you’re dealing with is enough to fritz you. Your brain needs a rest.

That’s why time spent in My Word is so important, because it is input for your mind, and your mind affects your attitude and your outlook. My Word and other inspirational writings enlighten your mind. As a result, you become inspired and positive, and you realize that My grace will help you to handle the load, the work, the problems, or whatever I allow to come your way.

I see your heart, and I know that your greatest desire is to accomplish good things. But true good will only be accomplished through Me and through My working in you. In order for My Spirit to work in and through you, you must have time with Me.

As you look to Me and draw your answers from Me, you will find that you can enjoy life and the work and responsibilities I’ve given you. As you put your trust in Me, knowing that I love you and want to bless you, you will find rest and peace for your soul. As you seek Me first, all these other things will be added to you, and you will find that your joy, love, and peace are being restored in full measure.