Crossroads are a wonderful place to be because you have so many options. You can go forward, return the way you came, or go in a new direction.

I use the crossroads of life to help some people come to terms with mistakes or wrong turns they’ve made and give them a chance to get going in the right direction. For others, it’s a chance to go in a new direction that may take them farther in the long run. For yet others, it’s a time to confirm that they’re going in the right direction, so they can continue with the vigor that renewed conviction brings. Whatever the case, whenever someone comes to a crossroads, it’s an opportunity, and if they ask Me which way they should go, I can guide them.

Maybe the new direction will be something you’ve never done before. It might even be something you’re afraid to do. Or it could be the same thing that you’ve done for years. Whichever road I guide you to take I will also equip you for. As you take a step in the direction I’m leading you, I will supply what you need to take the next step. If you need more faith, ask Me, and I will strengthen your faith. If you need more courage, call out to Me and I will strengthen your heart. If you need more strength or perseverance to face new challenges, seek Me and place your trust in Me. Step by step, as you follow Me, I will continue to help you.

So instead of being afraid of those crossroad signs, you can look forward to them with anticipation, knowing that I’m by your side to instruct you, guide you, and help you. I know your heart, and I know where you will ultimately be the happiest and most fulfilled. If you don’t know where that is, just ask Me to point you in the right direction, and then start walking. I am always with you, no matter where you are and what you’re doing. I am with you each step of the way. I love you, and I will never fail you.