My new year literally started with a bang! On December 31st, my phone leaped out of my hand in an apparent dive of depression.

I picked it up immediately, not really expecting anything to be wrong. It had fallen on a carpeted floor, and I’d dropped it several times before without damage.

Well, this time was different. As soon as I turned it face-up and saw the Spiderman-strand cracks across the whole screen, my heart sank. It still works, but in a rather unusable way. And out of warranty by far.

Anyways, I’m not here to whine and get sympathy. (Well, maybe a little.)

This accident actually taught me something, and right on time for the new year. First of all, don’t rely on yesterday’s plans or experiences too much. Today, things might just be different, and in fact probably will be. We need to go along day by day, being open to the new things God might bring into our lives, or we could find ourselves surprised and unprepared.

Second, this taught me that in life, stuff happens. Life is by definition moving and changing. Maybe our Father allows these things because, in His wisdom, He knows they will make us better. We must never get discouraged when rough stuff is thrust into our face. Maybe we’ll overcome it in a glorious victory and see just how amazing our God is. Or maybe we’ll get hit hard by it, barely able to get up, feeling like we must have handled it wrong, and still see just how amazing our God is! Our future is sure and our help is constant.

I don’t know all that you’re going through. It could be one massive problem, 1,000 little ones, or anything in between. Maybe you even feel a little “cracked” yourself. That’s where Jesus comes in. He knows every individual repair need and technique, and He’ll restore us as He knows best. His guarantee is “forever” and “with you always.” 1

So even if I’m seeing through a “glass unclearly” right now, I know for sure that “it will all be right at last.” 2

  1. See Matthew 28:20.
  2. See 1 Corinthians 13:12.