My love will never leave you; you will never lose it, and it will never diminish. Rest in My love, for in My arms you will find comfort and peace for your spirit. My love will uphold you; as you abide in it, it will sustain you. There is tremendous power in My love. It covers a multitude of sins, changes hearts, renews spirits, casts out all fear, gives hope to those who despair, lifts those whose hands hang low, restores health, and brings light where once there was darkness.

I am the author of hope, the source of strength, and the fountain of faith. I will not fail to continue to strengthen you, for I never fail My own. Even when you feel you don’t merit such love because of the mistakes you have made, those mistakes can take on great worth in the form of experience gained and wisdom acquired.

When you’re faced with tough decisions, I will be your guide. When you find yourself in difficult and uncertain surroundings‚ I will be your light. When you’re presented with overwhelming odds, I will help you rise above. When the storms of life rage about you, I will be to you a fortress of protection. When you feel the ground tremble beneath your feet, I will be your confidence.