I’ve heard and read many encouraging stories about the positive aspects of people’s experiences embracing the changes that come with aging. Well, now it’s my turn! I’m discovering the benefits of embracing change in new ways.

With my health slowing me down, I was realizing that I couldn’t do as much as before, yet there still seemed to be just as much to do as ever. I had prayed for renewed strength for quite a long time, but finally I began to understand that my restored health would depend on some lifestyle changes. I felt that Jesus had many things that He wanted me to learn by going slower, taking better care of myself, and developing some new work patterns.

God cares for every area of our lives, and they all work together. They all need to be in a healthy state. Some areas where I needed an overhaul, or at least some “tweaking,” were my diet, exercise, sleep, and work habits. Also, I needed to make an effort to minimize the stresses that I’d allowed to build up.

When I prayed, God showed me to make a list as a way of reminding myself of the benefits that I would discover as I implemented the changes I needed to make. Here are some of the thoughts that I collected:

  1. Change is necessary for progress and a normal and healthy part of my life and service for God.
  2. I don’t have to accept the things that are hindering me. Making needed changes in one area of my life will make it easier for me to change in other areas.
  3. To see me make changes for the better makes Jesus happy.
  4. Jesus pours forth His grace and love during difficult times of change. Change brings more closeness with Jesus because I am relying on Him to get me through the remaking.
  5. Change can strengthen your spirit like exercise strengthens your body.
  6. Accepting the changes that God has shown me to make helps me move past my natural comfort-seeking, settling-down instincts that can cause me to miss so many good things in life.
  7. When I believe that change is necessary in my life, I can welcome the changes rather than fretting and worrying about them.
  8. Change will help me strengthen my perseverance and my faith.
  9. I’m more conscious of the power of God, because I know that I couldn’t be victorious on my own.
  10. As I embrace the changes I need to make, the boundaries of my previous comfort zones will expand. I’ll be able to do things I have never thought I could do before.
  11. I can make progress in my life every day by learning or doing something new, no matter how small.
  12. When I express my thanks to God for the changes that He has brought my way, I’m reconditioning my mind to look on them as good things to be thankful for.

Making this list and reviewing it has been very beneficial for me. The blessings and advancement that result from accepting and wholeheartedly embracing the changes God is asking of me are more than worth the sacrifices that they might require.

I pray this list will be a blessing to you as well, as you embrace the changes God brings into your life and discover the joy He wants to give you as a result.