11 Tips for Beating the Blues

1. Count your blessings. Expressing gratitude does wonders to lift your spirit. There is spiritual power in praise that can counterbalance whatever is weighing on you.

2. Get in touch with Jesus. He loves and cares for you, and He’s got the solution to every problem. Talk to Him about how you feel; read God’s Word; bolster your faith by holding on to promises from His Word.

3. Do something good for someone else. Reaching out to others not only helps that person, but it lifts your spirit at the same time.

4. Take a break. Stop everything and go for a walk, sit somewhere relaxing, or take in a nature scene or favorite picture. Meditate on the beautiful things in life.

5. Sing a happy song, or listen to one. A song of praise to God can draw you closer to Him and fill your heart with gratitude and peace.

6. Exercise. Physical exercise releases endorphins, “feel good” hormones that help to calm the mind and redirect thoughts and energy away from worries and concerns.

7. Laugh out loud. “A merry heart does good, like medicine.” 1 Don’t take life or yourself too seriously. Read, watch, or think about something funny. Talk to someone who is fun to be around.

8. Spend time with your children. Children have so much love to give, and their cheerfulness, resilience, and simplicity can help put your own problems in perspective.

9. Spruce up your surroundings. A clean room, a nice view, a small home improvement, or even good lighting can lift your mood.

10. Get enough sleep. Problems are easier to deal with when you are well rested. A large sleep deficit can magnify problems and make you feel lousy.

11. Smile. Smiling even when you don’t feel like it has a positive effect on your spirit. Keep it up, and you will soon be seeing the world in a brighter light.

  1. Proverbs 17:22