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Two essential ingredients for success in life are a sound personal relationship with the Creator of life, followed closely by sound relationships with those around us. In fact, it’s impossible to be truly happy without either of those. Jesus gave us the key to both when He said, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”1

The wonderful thing about the first is that you can’t love God without experiencing His love in return. And when you do, you can’t help but get excited about life. Knowing that you are His special creation whom He loves puts everything else into perspective, including those nagging little things about yourself that tend to bring you down. He made you the way He wanted you, but He’s not done yet. You’re a work in progress, and you can and should make a little progress every day with His help. Every day is a new challenge, a new chance, a new adventure, and anything is possible, because nothing is impossible for God!

When you take that approach, the second part to success in life—getting along well with others—follows naturally. You won’t have trouble winning or keeping friends, because your love, faith, and positiveness will draw others like a magnet.

That special closeness to God will also help you through the problems you face. He has everything you need—love, happiness, purpose, answers, and much more—and loving Him puts you in tune and in step with Him, right where you need to be to receive all He has for you. He’s not way off in the blue, beyond your comprehension or reach. Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”2 Enjoy it and spread it around!

* * *

The teacher

As told by Father Tommy Lane

One day Mother Teresa took a woman off the streets of Calcutta. She had sores infested with bugs. Mother Teresa cleaned and dressed her sores while the woman never stopped shrieking and even using swear words and insults. Finally the woman asked,

“Sister, why do you do this? Not everyone behaves like you. Who taught you?”

Mother Teresa replied, “My God taught me.”

The woman said she wanted to know her God.

Mother Teresa kissed her on the forehead and said, “You know my God. My God is called love.”

  1. Matthew 22:37–39 NIV
  2. Luke 17:21