Perfectly Imperfect

I went to the Farmer’s Market this morning and was so pleased to find a good deal on some organic produce. When I got home and pulled the tomatoes out of the bag, however, I realized that some of them were too squishy to use, and I had to cull out the bad ones so they wouldn’t harm the others. As the saying goes, “One rotten apple (or in this case, tomato) spoils the whole bunch.”

As I examined the tomatoes, I was surprised by their many imperfections. I’ve been used to going to the grocery store and finding piles of perfectly shaped fruits and vegetables. However, when I cut one of the “imperfect” tomatoes in half and took a bite, I was amazed at the flavor. I decided that in this case “imperfect” can definitely be better.

We often judge by appearance, but looks can be deceiving. Often, those apparently perfect pieces of produce have much deeper flaws that can’t be seen. It could very well be that they have no bug bites because they have been sprayed with chemicals whose long-term effects might be worse than the insects. The processes used to speed their growth probably affected their flavor as well. Judging between the imperfect, organic tomatoes and the seemingly “perfect” ones in a supermarket, the imperfect is definitely better.

God could have created a perfect world with perfect people, but He allowed man to have a choice. After the fall of man, imperfections entered our world, and man began to have to deal with problems, disease, bugs, and pain.1 But all of these imperfections drive us back into the arms of our Heavenly Father. If the road were perfect and our path without difficulties, we would never find the better way to the Perfect Place He is preparing for us.

Sometimes, people think they can get along without God. It is only when we take a good look at our imperfections that we see the need for a Savior. Then we open our heart and receive the greatest, most perfect gift of all.

So give me the imperfections of life. Give me the odd-looking produce. Give me the rocky path. Give me all the problems and weaknesses that drive me into God’s arms. Because I know how imperfect I am, I am thankful for a perfect Savior who looks at me through the eyes of love, and whose perfect love has changed my life.

  1. See Genesis 3:1–24.