Have you ever let Me down? Have you ever fallen short? Have you ever failed? Yes. But have you also grown through the failures, learned to stand back up after falling, and come to love Me more through the times that you have disappointed Me and let Me down? If so, you are a success to Me, and there is much more success ahead.

Lift others up in the way that I have lifted you up; forgive others as I have always forgiven you; challenge others to press on as I have challenged you; encourage others in the way that I have encouraged you; inspire others with the inspiration I have given you; comfort others with the comfort that you have received from Me; believe in others as I have believed in you; love one another as I have loved you.

Remind your loved ones that they can be strong by faith, even when they don’t feel strong. They can make it with My help, even when they feel exhausted. They can overcome, even when they think they have already lost. They can try again, even when they have failed. They can love, even when their hearts are broken. They can smile and even laugh through their tears. They can make it, even when the odds are against them. Let them know that you believe in them, just as I believe in you.