I have a special gift for you—one that’s different from anything you’ve ever received from anyone else. It can’t be bought or sold in any store, but I give it freely to everyone I can. It will never get old, never break down or wear out, and you can never outgrow it. No one can take it from you, and it will last forever. You can take it with you wherever you go and enjoy it anytime, all the time. It never changes and will never cease to surprise and amaze you. You can share it all you want, and there will always be plenty to go around. In fact, the more you share it, the more you’ll have.

This gift is the promise of My presence. 1 I want to be nearer and dearer to you than any earthly friend or lover can be, and I have so much to give—more than enough to fill every day from now through eternity.

My love is true, unfailing, and unconditional, the kind of love you’ve wanted and waited for all your life. My love is the richest, fullest form of love there is, and the happiness it brings is out of this world. It’s not a fleeting happiness, but deep, abiding happiness in all of its many hues and tones—joy, comfort, contentment, peace, stability, security, positiveness, delight … And I’ll always be with you to share in the good times and help you through the tough ones.

  1. See Hebrews 13:5.