I’ve talked with lots of people who are afraid of the future. Even though the Bible teaches us from beginning to end about God’s power and plan to protect His own no matter what they face, the mind has a way of forgetting such reassurances when it gets busy worrying. But something happened to me that changed that dynamic in my life.

The same month I discovered that I was pregnant, God called my husband and me to be missionaries to Africa. The latter was an even bigger surprise, because I had lived in Japan most of my life and was actively involved in a counseling program for university students and other charity work. I spoke Japanese, was happy and fulfilled, and felt I had settled into the place God had for me—but then He told me He had some other things to teach me, and that a change of scenery would be just the thing!

After overcoming the initial shock and having a little time to adjust to the idea, I became excited about going somewhere completely different, and within a few months, we were on our way. We stopped in Europe to visit my husband’s family, and we were advised to get everything we would need for the baby, as these things were either hard to find, poor quality, or prohibitively expensive in that part of Africa. But baby things weren’t cheap in Europe, either—and it was winter, so summer baby clothes were hard to find.

I began scouring flea markets. One advertisement looked perfect: “Furniture and children’s clothes.” There, a man was selling his child’s complete set of clothes from newborn to one year old. All of it was in near-perfect condition, and most of it was for summer! There were also some toys and other baby items we would need.

What does that have to do with fears about the future?—Now, whenever I am faced with such fears, especially in regard to my daughter, I recall that experience. We’re only human, so it’s inevitable that we sometimes miss the mark or worry about the future, but God will never fail. We are safe in His arms forever!