When I came down on Christmas Day, it wasn’t to attend a party or pick up gifts from friends. It wasn’t part of a school field trip, or to get a good deal at a stable. What could I have possibly wanted, already having the world at My fingertips? Well, what I wanted was you—and coming down to earth was the only way for Me to have you. It wasn’t easy, but knowing that it was for you made it worth it all.

I love seeing you live, observing you learn, and even watching you make mistakes. I love experiencing your thrills with you, being there for you when you’re down, and sharing in all your day-to-day activities. I love seeing you enjoy the nature and beauty I have created to make this world a lovely place for you. I love it when I’m in your thoughts.

It makes Me so happy when My birthday rolls around and the world starts remembering Me—and it makes Me even happier when I’m remembered all throughout the year.