There are cycles in life—times in which everything seems to go well, and times when things seem to go badly. I want you to learn to hold on to Me through each phase of the cycle.

When you are faced with a new obstacle or problem, don’t let it discourage you and don’t worry that you and I together won’t be able to overcome it. Problems cause you to exercise your faith as you rise up to meet them, and that brings the next phase of the cycle: You call on Me for help, and you fight and win and make progress. It’s like a wheel as it turns: As the top goes down, the bottom comes around to the top and the wheel carries you forward.

Each time you face a new test, you must fight once again. You take up the challenge, call on Me for help, and once again overcome and make more progress. More tests bring more victories. But it’s important to seek Me for the solution and take up the challenge to fight through to victory, to keep the cycle moving. You don’t want to remain at the low point where there is little forward motion.

So don’t look at the low points in your life as defeats, but as opportunities to make forward progress. I know it’s often difficult to go through these cycles, but you must in order to keep moving forward, so keep on going!