When I came in for my nursing shift in the department for Alzheimer’s sufferers, one patient was very agitated and wouldn’t sit still. I could have given her some medication to calm her, but as she wasn’t agressive or in pain, I instead walked around with her for a while. It was an aimless stroll; I would stop at times to look at paintings, show her a teddy bear, look out the window, etc., but mostly we just walked.

This aimless walking went on for over an hour, but each time I tried to direct her back to the common area, she kept pulling me off in another direction. Then a thought struck me: This is how I am with God! How often I drag Him around into every corner of each room of my life, regardless of what He may be trying to show me or do with me. Even so, He is always there, moving stuff out of my way to make sure I don’t stumble. He is there all the time, and His love is so endless.

At one point, this patient was nearly dragging me around by my sweater. She kept turning into a dead-end fire escape, and although we had already been down that corridor several times, she kept insisting, so I let her lead me. It struck me that God must look at me sometimes and think to Himself, Oh well, she will soon have to turn around anyway. If she’s not listening, I will just let her have her way. She’ll learn, she’ll come around.

God seemed to be showing me how He watches over and takes care of me. How He is never impatient. I had just been thinking, I’ve done this for long enough. Time to ask a nurse assistant to take over … but I didn’t feel that would be right. I was left wondering, How can I leave her in her time of need after all God does for me? Is my life and time more important than being there for someone?

Even when I am doing good, I often end up getting bored and stop—or fall into thinking how great I am and feeling quite pleased with myself. But in reality, helping and serving others is just my “reasonable service” 1 and what God does for me every day.

  1. See Romans 12:1.