God alone is aware of the vast quantity of heroic deeds taking place each day. If plaques were given for each, there wouldn’t be enough space on all the walls in the world! Perhaps this was on my husband Michael’s mind when he wrote this song in appreciation of the many unsung heroes.

I saw you when no one noticed,
I watched you from day to day,
Observed your humble spirit,
Admired your simple ways.
I wondered what it had cost you
To so willingly play your part?
Until I could not hold back
The words that filled my heart:

You are the unsung hero
Letting your hopes and dreams go
That other lives may find what they’re dreaming of.
Giving yourself to the uttermost,
Holding on, no matter what the cost.
In all the world there is no greater love.

I’ve wanted so much to tell you,
But words seem so hard to find
To show the admiration
I feel so deep inside.
All of those unseen labors
That nobody seems to see
Are making your crown in heaven
That will shine eternally.

I couldn’t do what I do
Without you there to help me through.
Our lives would know an emptiness
Without your love and faithfulness.

The other night, my son and I were reading a book about John Wesley. We discovered that as a boy, he was once trapped in a burning building. Someone noticed him, climbed up, and got him out. We don’t know that man’s name or anything else about him, but without this anonymous rescuer, countless lives wouldn’t have had the opportunity to come to know Jesus through Wesley’s decades of preaching and active service for God.

Even if we are never heard of and live out our lives as invisible stage hands in a great play, let’s do our part well and give others care and respect. We may get our name lit up one day—who knows what the future holds? But mostly, we’ll feel the satisfaction of seeing the ripple effect in others’ lives.