When I was on earth, I told My disciples that I was going to prepare a place for us to be together forever.[See John 14:2–3.] This place is for all of you who have invited Me into your hearts and lives‚ and I want it to be the most wonderful place there has ever been, perfect in every way. I have also made beautiful dwelling places for you to live, so you can be comfortable and enjoy the beauties of your heavenly home.

If you have received Me as your Savior, that makes you one of My special friends, and I have such a place for you. I have reserved a place in heaven just for you, a place where all your tears will be wiped away, and all sorrow and grief will be forgotten, where  you will be totally happy.[See Revelation 21–22.] This is what is waiting for you when your earthly life is over. I can hardly wait to show you all that I’ve made for you and to enjoy the look on your face when I do.

You might feel you don’t deserve these things. But I love you more than you could possibly know or understand, and these things are My gift to you. When you give a gift, it’s not because of what someone can do for you or because they deserve it; it’s because you love them. That’s how I feel about you.