Remember the account when I calmed the sea?1 My disciples were panicking and thought that they would certainly perish. But when they looked to Me for help, rather than looking at their circumstances, I came to their rescue, in spite of the waves and the storm.

It’s the same for you. There are many waves, and you may even see storms brewing on the horizon of your life, but if you look to Me and the assurances of My love and care for you, and My wisdom to guide you, you will find the answers you need. The situation around you is like waves washing over you and your little boat. Your worries about the future are like a menacing storm. At times you might be tempted to think you will capsize.

If you will ask Me to calm the storm, I will. Or I will show you how to weather the storm. I will do it, just as I have always done it in all these years you have so faithfully trusted in Me. Remember that I am in the boat with you.

  1. See Mark 4:37–41.